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Become a wildlife photographer !

WildlifeSnap: Animal Collector is a new animal collecting game available on iOS devices for gamers of all ages. 

At the edge of the known world, wild animals are under threat and need to be acknowledged! Your mission is to become the best wildlife photographer by taking better and better pictures of various wild animals and collect fun and useful information about them.


  • Raise awareness for animals at risk of extinction
  • Snap pictures of amazing animals
  • Explore the world's continents
  • Collect dozens of rare wild animals
  • Discover awesome facts about wildlife
  • Educational content
  • Free to play
  • Easy-to-use interface


WildlifeSnap: Animal Collector takes us back to the mighty era of Pokemon Snap and gives it a twist by focusing on real life animals

- The Indie Game Website


Though this app would be great way to start teaching kiddos about animal conservation, don’t let its ultra-cute design fool you: it’s actually pretty delightful for all ages

- iMore

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